The gym workout that changed my life! #Gifted


‘The Coast is calling…’

I workout. Occasionally, okay rarely, but after the hardest workout, I have ever experienced it’s made me want to join the gym and workout loads more! So what did I do that day which changed my mindset that much?

We woke up bright and early that day and took the drive to Woolacombe Bay Hotel. The stunning hotel greeted us from the top of the hills and it is absolutely massive and after recently having it’s £1 million refurbishments, I loved that they kept a lot of the original features throughout the building yet modernizing the main areas including the SALT Gymnasia and spa facilities.

‘Beat your target based on your BMI and you could go into a hat to win tickets to their own cinema, lunch for two or spa vouchers – What better way to boost your motivation!’

We started at the SALT Gymnasia, where we were told that they have installed the most cutting edge facilities including Keiser, Versaclimber & Technogym. SALT tracks your fitness level using the MyZone belt that sits comfortably under your breasts to track your heart rates in real-time. This is great for if you are wanting to see how you’re progressing each time, by looking at the screen or transferring it to your phone. Each colour on your MyZone results will show you how you’re taking your workout to the next level. If you’d prefer to take it slow and steady then you’ll be green or if your putting maximum effort into your routine then you’ll be in the red section, this will all tally up and beat your target based on your BMI and you could go into a hat to win tickets to their own cinema, lunch for two or spa vouchers – What better way to boost your motivation!




The Versaclimber was a killer! This is a full-body workout at the SALT gym is a completely different way to work compared to any other machinery. It’s great because it’s a very low impact on those leg joints or back which I especially find an issue when completing my routines. With the Versaclimber you will burn twice the amount of calories in one single session! The Lady who did our session was absolutely incredible! She had bags of energy which helped us to keep going to our full potential. This was the workout that has changed my life and after writing this post I’m off to the gym to buy a membership and work my socks off, I felt so good, I just wish there was a gym with Versaclimber’s closer to me!

After that killer, my body was screaming for the spa and dipping our feet into that pool was so relaxing and it was lovely to stretch a little. The sauna and jacuzzi were also definitely what I needed as my body just molded into the seats whilst having great Blogger chats with The Gluten Free Blogger, Jade Two Three and Natasha Cornish.  The new refurbishment was absolutely stunning with the LED light which hides between the walls along with the relaxing interiors where the sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi sat.





When it came to lunch we were so ready for food after that workout! And it definitely didn’t disappoint! Bowls and bowls of gorgeous food came out for a buffet, each bowl full of goodness and full of flavour! Being vegetarian I can sometimes struggle with food out in other places but there were loads I could choose from and it was all delicious. My personal flavour being the Sourdough bread topped with goat’s cheese and cranberry jam, the flour tortilla nachos, and feta pasta, but all of the dishes were lovely!

I came away like I had a massive detoxing day which felt absolutely amazing, the workout, the spa, the lunch was very cleansing and being surrounded by the most beautiful grounds felt like I was on holiday. Thank you so much to Woolacombe Bay Hotel, VersaclimberUK, and SALT Gymnasia for an amazing day we will definitely be back!







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