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Todays blog post is going to be about something that I adore, my boot collection. If you have been a reader of my blog for some time, you may know that I love boots. Even during the warmer summer months, I pretty much live-in boots. I feel like over the years I have cultivated a lovely little collection and I am now set for all occasions. So, for todays blog post I am going to share with you guys some of my favourite boots from my collection. They are all at different price points, for different social occasions and various styles. I am sure there will be something in this post that you can relate to and that you like. Without further ado, let me jump into my boot collection and why I love them so much!


Dior Suede Ankle Boots.

I need to mention my Dior Boots first because I had to hunt these down. Many years ago, I was scrolling through Instagram, and I saw Australian Instagrammer, Elle Ferguson wearing these boots. I fell in love with them at the time. However, at the time I was around 15 years old and certainly didn’t have money in the bank for a pair of Dior boots. However, when I did have cash in the bank, I knew that I had to find these on the second-hand market. One day, on a whim I decided to search for them in Vestiaire Collective and there they were. Never worn, brand new with stickers and box. For only £250. I almost fell of my chair. Now they are my babies and I adore them!


Anine Bine Black Gianna Boots.

If I am looking for a leather boot with a little bit of elevation, I always opt for my Anine Bing Gianna Boots. I can remember first seeing these on Jamie Genevieve YouTube channel a couple of years ago and I knew that I had to buy them. When you look at the shape and style of this pair of boots, it is easy to see that they are timeless. I am almost 28 and during my time on this planet, I have seen shoes of this style come back in and out of fashion more than I care to mention. For work where I like to wear heels, these are pretty much the main pair of shoes in the autumn months!


Acne Chelsea Boots.

There is absolutely no way that I could write this blog post without talking about the Acne Chelsea Boots. I have loved and been wearing these for years and they are still as good as new. When I first started working back in 2013, these were one of the first designer purchases that I ever made. At the time, it was less about the style of shoe and more about the fact that they came with a highly Instagrammable pink box. However, since I bought them, I have worn them hundreds of times, that it being literal too. They look great with a pair of casual jeans, with dresses and tights or even with a smarter workwear outfit. Not to mention super warm and comfortable!


Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots.

Some people the classic Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots are so 2019, but for me, these come back out year after year. I think I got my first pair of these in 2016 and I have loved them ever since. I wear these pretty much all winter long and I plan to do so for many years to come. Because these are that stunning Stuart Weitzman silhouette, they are flattering on the leg, not too much and nor are they too simple. They are perfect for wearing to work, for a casual day out or for when I do want to dress them up a little more. I am on my second black pair now and I know that I will get a third pair if I need to.


Doc Marten Boots.

The emo inside me will always adore a good pair of Doc Marten boots. I can remember when I was at comprehensive school, these were my go-to school shoes. When I was in my last year, they brought in a strict uniform policy, and you can bet my bottom dollar that I fought them hard on it. Roll on 10 years, I am still loving Doc Martens. The ones that I am loving the most out of my current collection is my chunky soles that go up to my mid-calf. I love to wear these boots with either dresses and tights or with my skinny jeans tucked into. Not going to lie, as with all Doc Martens, they are hard to break in, but worth it in the end!


Balenciaga Ceinture Boots.

The last boots are some of my all-time favourite shoes. I can remember seeing this Balenciaga boots all over the internet around 5 years ago. It was as the chunky sole shoes came flying back into fashion. These were all over Instagram and as is usually the case, I hated them when I first saw them. I thought that they were just garish and tacky. Needless to say, within three months I was pining for a pair. Here I am a couple years later, and they are some of my most worn shoes. What I love about this is that they are masculine. I love androgynous style and these boots paired with a floral dress is my idea of heaven.


I hope that you guys liked this blog post and seeing my boot collection. There are many more that I have sat on the shelves of my wardrobe. I actually might have to do a post one day soon where I just show you in images all of the boots that I own. To try and chat about them all would take me forever and a day. I think for that many shoes, we will have to just go with images so that I don’t bore you all to death too much. As always, I will pop some links to these items below if you would like to check them out. Please do leave me a comment below. Let me know your favourite pair from my collection and what your all-time favourite of your own boots is.


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