My Gucci Loafers


It is time for a new fashion review here on my blog. Today, I am going to be talking to you guys all about my Gucci Loafers. These are one of the pairs of shoes in my collection that I get compliments on year after year. Because they seemed to be so popular when I am out and about, I thought that it was about time that I chat about them here on my blog and let you all know why I love them so much. When a pair of shoes like this are so expensive, I want to be 100% transparent and let other people if I think they are worth the money or not. Without further ado, here is my review on my Gucci Loafers.


Why I wanted these shoes?

I can remember many years ago when these shoes first got super popular, I hated them. I was seeing them all over Instagram and I thought that they were so clunky and ugly. For me, these were just shoes that influencers would wear. Never in a million years did I think that I would want to own a pair. It is safe to say that I proved myself wrong there. Over time, I started seeing people style them up in a similar way to how I would and that is why I wanted to go ahead and pick them up.


How they look.

Next up, I want to chat to you guys about how these Gucci Loafers look. I am sure that these pair of shoes will really divide people, but I think a lot of it comes down to how you dress them. I completely understand that to most people, these are quite a masculine pair of shoes. However, for me, these Gucci loafers are the embodiment of classic Gucci. For me, my favourite look is to pair these with a pair of black cropped trousers and a cashmere jumper and then I am good for a full day at work.


The comfort level.

Something that is amazing about these Gucci Loafers is that they are so comfortable. The longer that I have worn these for, the more comfortable they have got. I think that is down to the fact that the leather is so soft and supple. Now because these shoes are a few years old, they have more or less moulded to the shape of my feet. Now, they fit like a pair of old gloves and I love that about them. Whenever I get a compliment on them, the first thing I mention is that they are the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I own.


The practicality.

For any item of shoes that I add into my closet, I need to make sure that they are practical. Even though I do opt for appearance more than anything else, if they are not practical, I wont wear them. These Gucci Loafers for me are just easy to slip on and the run about. I love that they are easy and effortless shoes. One thing that I will say is that any slip on loafer may be a little hard to walk in if you are moving with any pace, but it isn’t terrible at all. They can slip off a little though, but nothing crazy.


The downfall.

There is only one downfall of these Gucci Loafers in my opinion and that is the soft leather. Granted, for the top of the shoes, I think that they are incredible. However, the sole of the shoe that you actually work on is incredibly soft leather. The second time that I wore these, I walked for 20 minutes from the tube in London to my hotel. By the time I kicked my shoes off, there was a specific place that had worn almost of the leather away. I did just take them to a cobbler to get them soled. But realistically when I am paying so much for a pair of shoes, I don’t want to be paying more to get them re-soled.


Have I got my money’s worth?

It is safe to say that Gucci Loafers are not cheap. The standard pair without the fur trim are the best part of £530 and they seem to be increasing all of the time. I have had the same pair for the best part of three years now and I wear them every autumn and winter without fail. I can actually see on the app that I add my outfits to, that I have worn this pair of shoes over 150 times. For that reason, I am confident that I have got more than my money’s worth out of this pair of shoes since I first purchased them.


I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this review on my Gucci Loafers. They are a great pair of shoes a real staple. I understand that these have been together forever and a day by this point, but I love them and they seem to be a crowd pleaser. There are not many pairs of shoes in my closet that I can confidently pull out year after year and know that they are going to work. There is a reason why this style of loafer has been a best-seller for Gucci for many years. Personally, I know that if I sadly have to part ways with this pair, I would just replace them with an identical pair of Gucci’s. As always, I would love to hear from you guys. Let me know if you love these or have they had there day?

Emily Wang
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