What’s In My Handbag?


Whats In My Handbag


Today, I am turning back the clock and writing a what’s in my bag blog post. I am sure that there are some other old folks out there that remember these posts. When I first started blogging back in 2013, these were the most popular kind of posts. As much as I wanted to know that handbag people were carrying. I also wanted to have a good old nosey about what was inside. Granted, I imagine most of the time people cut things out to save face. However, I never did. I loved writing the posts and also loved the comments. So today, we are heading back in time. Let’s all pretend that we are back in a place with no responsibilities, and we are not adults. That the only thing we are about is what is in each other’s handbags!


Bag Liner.

Because I carry designer handbags make sure that I always use a bag liner. I do this for a couple of reasons. The first is that I don’t want to ruin my items. It is much better for resale if the inside is immaculate, and these really help. Aside from that, bag liners just make it much easier to put your hand on your items. I used to spend so much time fishing in the bottom of my Louis Vuitton Neverfull and it would drive me insane!



My Mulberry wallet was one of the biggest investments that I ever made. Naturally, it is always in my handbag. Many years back, I was on a night out with my nan and she saw the tatty old wallet that I was carrying and she all but demanded that I go and buy a nice one. She said that she did not understand why I carried designed handbags but carried a horrible wallet. With that sterling advice, I hopped on the Mulberry website and bought my stunning wallet.


Mask and Hand Sanitiser.

The pandemic really rocked me and my OCD brain. I have had both jabs and slowly been increasing the number of people that I am around. That being said, I still get nervous. If I am packed in somewhere with loads of people, I will throw on my mask. It just makes me feel marginally better and safer. Especially given that I still have to see my nan who is very vulnerable. I then just continue to sanitise the shit out of my hands!



Whether it is to hide from the sun or from people, I always need sunglasses. My favourites that I have in my bag at the moment are my Saint Laurent Cat Eye Style glasses. I have had these exact glasses now for around 4 years and I love them. They are a timeless style, and I don’t plan on quitting them anytime soon. They are big enough that they give me the ‘don’t talk to me’ vibe, which I love and look for in all my glasses.


iPad Pro and iPhone.

I used to carry my big and bulky MacBook Pro around with me for work, but I quickly cut that out. For one, I do not want to work when I am at home in an evening. If I am planning to spend a day working from home, I will just take my MacBook home the evening before. Plus, because everything at my workplace is cloud based, I can now do all of my work on my iPad Pro. It goes without saying that my phone is always on my person, either in my hand or bag!


Small Makeup Bag.

Because I do wear makeup almost every single day, I need to be able to touch up. It isn’t very often that I have a makeup meltdown, but I need the ability at least to touch up. Especially around my eye makeup because I suffer from the worst hay fever all year round and my eyes stream. Normally for me it just consists of a power brush and a small compact lash glue, lip balm and a cream compact foundation.



I feel like this one goes without saying, but I need my keys. I just have my car key, front door key and a Louis Vuitton keyring. I did used to carry every key for all of the doors and windows of my house, but I hate the rattling around. I also find that the more keys that I carry, the more things I scratch. Whether that be my car, handbag or phone screen. The less keys the better in my opinion!



I struggle to get through a day that does not have music. If I am at work, I need music on. If I am doing the food shopping, I need music on. To be honest, I think that my apple AirPods are one of the best purchases that I have ever made. I also love that it is a super discreet way of listening to my own music. If I am in the office for example, I just have it in my ear underneath my hair and nobody knows about it. Even though I am the boss, I still need good music!


I hope that you guys liked this post and turning back the clock and reading this what’s in my handbag. These posts are the foundation of blogging and I want to get back to that. I hope that you liked having a nosey and seeing what I carry. There is never anything too exciting because I am super organised. There is never anything out of place or anything just tossed inside that should not be there. Also, as I mentioned, the bag liner is essential to me and keeping things organised. I would love to hear from you guys. Please leave me a comment down below. Let me know the everyday things that are in your handbag. Plus, I would love to know some of the weird and wonderful things that you have found in there before!

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