Our Garden and The Changes That We Made


It is time for a new blog post and today it is all about our home. More specifically, this is about our garden and the changes that we made. To us, when we first moved into our home, the garden was not a big deal. Yes, we wanted to sit outside and enjoy it, but there were also larger priorities inside the house that we had to deal with. So, the garden went onto the back burner. Not only did it go onto the back burner, but it also continued to get pushed back. Thanks to nob heads driving into the side of our house and the ensuite falling through the middle floor. Anyway, we finally got around to it. In this post, it is going to be all about our garden and the changes that we made in order to get it to the stage that it is at today.


How our garden looked before?

Before we did anything with our garden, it was just tired. The grass was ruined by our dog and the previous owner’s trampoline that covered 90% of the grass. The fence was painted a range of different colours. We had a miss match of garden furniture that we had either bought cheap or had donated to us when we moved in. Not to mention that because it is a new build area, it just felt like there were eyes constantly on us. Plus, in either far end of the garden, we had two large (extremely overgrown) bushes that were a bloody eyesore!


We had AstroTurf fit?

As much as I wish we had real grass, it is just too much maintenance. I have a south-facing garden, so in the summer months, we were having to cut the grass every other week. Plus, my lovely Golden Retriever just kills the grass completely with her pee. We were constantly treating the grass and trying to get it to grow evenly. In the end, AstroTurf was the easiest route. However, it did pain me because it was super expensive for the size of our garden. For what we spend on the grass, I did most of the decorating in the house. However, personally, it is worth it for us because it always looks neat and out grass was hard work.


Make changes to get more privacy.

Even though when we moved into our house, it was private to a degree, we wanted to increase things. The fence around our garden is 6ft, however, the slats inbetween are pretty large and people were easily visible through the gaps. I will always remember one morning when I went outside (before we revamped the garden). To be honest, I was a little hungover and sipping on a coffee. I looked up and there was the entire family from next door just sat staring at me. So, we bought floral trellising. It looks amazing, pinned to our existing fence and it helps to hide the gaps without making them completely opaque!


Bought some new garden furniture.

When we first got the keys to our house, we wanted a space outside to hang out. We weren’t bothered about it looking nice or anything, we just wanted something cheap and cheerful. However, when we actually committed to making the garden look nice, we knew that we were going to have to invest. We bought new furniture such as covers for bins, a shed, and more importantly somewhere to lounge. Also a lovely round 8-seater table with a built-in ice bucket in the middle. We fit a veranda over the top that we can string lights and heaters to. Then, at the top of the garden we added a large corner sofa and a hanging umberella.


Added some finishing touches.

To finish off the space for us, it was all about those small touches. That involved getting everything painted so that it looked lovely and uniform. We was going to go with white, but in the end we went for a classic dark brown shade. Then, we added some hanging baskets, lighting, flowers and other small things. It helped just to bring everything together and more importantly bring some of the inside out. These things really made the garden feel like an extension of our conservatory that you step out from. It is simple, yet we adore it and love spending time out there.


I hope that you guys liked this blog post and getting to have a nosey around our garden. I will admit, the garden was probably the only space where my involvement has been minimal. That is because we got somebody in to do the AstroTurf and my lovely husband was in charge of all painting. The most I did was assemble some of the furniture that really took no time at all. I get that for some people, our garden is very simple and minimum. However, we wanted something that was very low maintenance and easy to deal with. That is what we have, and we absolutely adore it. Please do leave me a comment down below. Let me know what you thought of this post. Is there anything else that we should do to our garden?

Emily Wang
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