5 luxurious things i own which make my life that little bit better!


I do love to splash out on a few bits which are a little luxurious and over the top but I have treated myself over the years to, that make it a little more lovely! I love cheaper alternatives and I’m not one to always treat myself with these items but sometimes I do love to opt for the slightly more luxury option. Think of it more like when your in Tesco and you ‘umm and ahh’ over those deserts, mostly you’ll go for those regular cheesecakes but this time you have had a long day and deserve that luxury special edition version!


They always say the first thing to age on your body is your hands so i do like to keep my hands hydrated where I use a basic hydration hand cream. This time I decided to treat myself to the beautiful Miss Dior hand cream as I’ve always loved the fragrance. You can definitely see that this is a luxury product as soon as you use it because of its softness to the skin, as it sinks in not leaving a residue. It includes anti aging aspects where after regular use will help with wrinkles and lines using roses as part of the ingredients nourishing the skin with its Centifolia Rose water helping moisturise the skin leaving protected beautiful hands.

My skincare choices are always carefully chosen as I like to look after my skin as I like to keep away from products which are too anti ageing based or rich as I feel my skin doesn’t need it. It does thank me when I take my makeup off each night. After long days where I’m surrounded by lots of pollution or in stuffy rooms I like to treat my skin which a cleanser which will really treat as well as cleanse. I bought the Chanel cleanser a few days ago and its been beautiful to gently remove makeup with its milk texture without any scrubbing or pulling at the skin. It’s very refreshing whilst leaving my skin radiant and makeup free with one cleanse.


Lots of people tell me how my long Yuyu bottle was too expensive for a hot water bottle but i definitely have found that having this water bottle has been amazing in so many ways, you can choose your bottle cover, fill it up and off you go! The long shape is so handy as you can tie it around you, over the shoulder, around the neck, leg. It’s also a must for us girls and periods as it can keep you warm from your neck to your legs making everything a little more comfortable, the best buy ever in my opinion.

I do love my fragrances, I love to be able to pick a different fragrance for each day depending on my mood or what I’m doing for the day. My favourites are Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and i love Bronze Goddess for my summer fragrance. Sadly for my bank account I often only like the higher end fragrances but I find that they have such a beautiful story behind each fragrance and also made with so much love and care.

For years I’ve gazed over the Pandora jewellery but it was always such a luxury item, so on my 16th birthday I treated myself to my birthday month ring which I still love to wear to this day. My 21st was very special because my parents bought me a Pandora bracket with a few charms and I absolutely love it, I feel so lucky to own it as it means so much to me. My boyfriend got me the Princess ring which is so beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. The girls at my last work bought me the most precious ring to remind me of them every time I look at it.

What luxury items do you own? Do you always buy it or is it for special occasions?

Emily Wang
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