2022 Holiday Gift Guide | Best Beauty Gifts

The holiday season is always a great season for gift giving. Though you can gifts throughout the entire year, we all know that during the holidays we are actively searching for gifts to buy for our loved ones, and tend to lean on holiday gift guides to give us Christmas gift ideas. We know what our loved ones like and what they are into, but gift giving is hard. Every year, we turn to Google and in that search bar we type in “Christmas gift ideas for her’, ‘Christmas gift ideas’ ‘best gifts to give’ and many different variations that will hopefully lead us to a complete holiday gift guide that will land us on that immaculate gift that we must give to someone.

During the holiday season, one of the best things about shopping for her is that many times you can get beauty gifts because either she is a beauty lover or she is looking for some new makeup or skin care products to add to her collection. Or even more, she may need some new hair care products to help keep her hair looking healthy this year and years to come. Beauty is so vast and you can get gifts for skin, face, body, or hair which makes it a great place to start when shopping for gifts for her.

When it comes to giving beauty gifts, I always say to stick to giving what your gift receiver needs in a new brand or give them a set of products from their favorite brands. Or, if you want to get a little creative, create your own DIY care package to give as a gift – those can be extra special and, in my experience, people love them. Maybe, the person that you’re giving a gift to is traveling right after the holiday season. With that in mind, pick out beauty products that are travel friendly and they can use to freshen up on the plane ride and to keep in their bag while on the trip to upkeep their look throughout the day.

Around the holiday season, beauty gifts become plentiful. They are everywhere to point where you can walk into beauty sections at Nordstrom or Target and find beauty gift sets galore – and don’t get me started on shopping for beauty gifts in Sephora or Ulta. So in order to provide some guidance on how to shop beauty gifts this holiday season, I’ve created this ultimate beauty holiday gift guide that will provide you with tips on where to shop for beauty gifts for the holidays as well as some round-ups on top holiday gifts to give this season.


Though many of us like to head into the mall and do all of our holiday shopping right then and there, I highly suggest to start your holiday shopping online. There are a lot more beauty gifts available online at various retailers than there are in store. Additionally, many stores offer curbside pick-up so that you can order online and then pick-up on the go or you can check inventory first so that you know that the gift that you want to purchase is there before you wander aimlessly around the store.

The first, and I will admit most obvious, places to start shopping for beauty gifts this holiday season is at Sephora or Ulta. These beauty destinations are guaranteed to have more variety of brands and price points for various products so that you aren’t stuck with little options as you may at a department or convenience store. Then as you branch out, don’t forget to shop beauty sections as Nordstrom, Saks, or even Target or Walmart. Their beauty sections typically end up being quite large and you’ll be able to find gifts that are great for the person that you want to shop for, plus you can shop for other gifts outside of beauty while you’re there.

Now, the one thing that you’re probably asking yourself is WHERE CAN I SHOP THE SALE? And honestly, starting in late October, there are plenty of sales out there. But my one main recommendation is to get on the email lists of the places that you may think that you want to shop for beauty gifts. Though you will get inundated with many emails, you’ll get the heads up on when major sales are coming and the best time to buy the gift that you’re looking to give this holiday season.

If you’re looking at a particular brand such as Fresh Beauty, T3, Farmacy Beauty, or Tatcha, you can also subscribe to their email list to get notifications on when they have sales so you can shop their stores directly – as they are more likely to have better discounts than the larger stores.

And lastly, don’t knock Amazon as a place to shop for beauty products as Amazon always has great deals on products that you cans shop easily and also get other amazing gifts such as gifts for him, kid’s gifts, gifts under $50, gifts under $100, and items for your holiday style.

Holiday Gift Guide FOR BEAUTY