How My Skin Has Changed

This is going to be a blog post all about how my skin has changed. I am now 27 and I have been blogging for well over a decade. It is safe to say that over that period, my skin has changed and altered hell of a lot during that time. To be honest, I thought that having oily skin when I was 17 was awkward, but that doesn’t compare to how my skin is now. So, I thought that I would do a little round up and share my thoughts. I know that I will not be the only person out there that has seen their skin alter and change as we gotten older.


The issues that I developed with my skin.

It was when I hit around 25 that I really saw a difference with my skin. Growing up, I was very lucky with my skin. I would tend to only get one hormonal breakout per month and sometimes I didn’t even get that. My skin was somewhat oily, but not really enough for me to have to take serious action against it in anyway. When I reached 25, I found that things really did change overnight. Where I was oily previously was now an oil slick. My forehead was as dry as the Sahara Desert and I was getting horrendous breakouts on the outer sides of my cheeks.


How I began to rectify the issue.

For a very long time, probably too long, I thought I had to swap out some products. For my blog, I use a lot of new makeup and skincare. I just put the flare up in my skin to me trying something new that didn’t necessarily agree with me. In the end, I went back to using my tried and true items. When I saw no difference, I realised that I had to do something about it. The starting point for me was to strip things back and take it to basics. Gone was the 24 step evening skincare routine and my plan was to reintroduce products gradually so that I could clearly see what caused differences.


The products that helped me.

Even though here I am going to mention the products that helped me, the main thing that I need to talk about is how I cleaned up my diet. There was a lot of refined sugar in there and caffeine, both were more or less completely cut out. Other than that, taking it old school helped me. All fancy skincare was out of the window. I resorted to only cleaning my face with water and my Face Halo. Then I would double cleanse using my Micellar water and to moisturise I opted for CeraVe moisturiser.


How long it took to see a difference.

Once I got started with all of the products, I would say it took around 3 weeks to see a difference. Initially, my skin was much more hydrated, that was the first positive change that I saw. Next, the breakouts pretty much stopped and when I did get one, they weren’t half as painful as they had been previously. The last thing that I saw a difference with was the oil production. Generally speaking, I did think that this would take much longer and I feel quite lucky that it was a short amount of time.


How my skin is now?

Since taking all of these steps, I do think that my skin is much more balanced. The breakouts have all but stopped. However, when I use a product that doesn’t really agree with my skin, it can bring them straight back. Also, the entire range of products has helped my overall skin. The oils are more subdued and about where they used to be. Plus, my forehead is looking much more plump and hydrated, which is what I really needed. The main difference is that I am just been much kind to myself and my skin. I am getting used to more noticeable changes.


I hope that you guys liked this blog post. I still find it so weird how much things have changed. Not only that, but some of the products that I adored, just don’t work for me nor my skin anymore. I just hope that now I have the products down that work well for me, I can stick with. It would be my worst nightmare at this stage if my skin was to alter again in a few years and I am back to stage one on my skincare journey.  Would love to hear from you guys. Please leave me a comment below. Let me know if your skin has changed as you have gotten older and if so, how did it change?