How To: Ask A Hairdresser What You Really Want.

A woman with strawberry blonde hair is sat having her hair curled by a hairdresser.

It’s hard to say what you really want when going to the hair dressers because they have no clue what you want, so it can be hard to tell them precisely what you want. When I last went to the hairdressers it was really hard to say what I wanted. I wanted a long side fringe, but at the time I said I would like a side fringe. I didn’t say the length or anything so my hairdresser asked me these random questions about how I wanted my hair done, and I really didn’t know what she was on about so I just randomly said yes to everything. In the end I didn’t get my hair how I wanted it, I got given a short side fringe, as in about my eyebrows short! So I’m not very pleased with it and I wished I knew how to say what I really wanted, and when she asked me questions, I asked what she really ment! So here are some phrases/ words which your hairdresser will know what you really want…


This is a style that is shorter at the back and longer at the front. 



This is where you have a traditional straight across fringe which goes along your forehead.


▪ Swooping

This is just like the fringe but it swoops to the side.



This is where you thin out your hair.


Peek-a-boo highlights

These are chunky colours which are underneath that are not completely noticeable on the top.



Where you have either longer or shorter layers into your hair to add some style.


Face frame

This is where your hair tapers in at the front.


Chunky highlights

Where there are large coloured sections of your hair


Chunky highlights

Where your coloured highlights are not as heavy as chunky with lots of thin streaks. 

I hope these phrases/ words will help you when you next go to your hairdressers and you can get what you really want, instead of what I had! ❤❤❤