You Don’t Need A Boat to Look Dashing: The Men’s Peacoat Style Guide for Fall/Winter 2022

stylish peacoats for men for 2020

Ah, the classic men’s peacoat. This wool, double-breasted jacket’s been worn by stylish gentlemen for ages. The best men’s peacoats have withstood fashion’s ebb and flow, and it always looks good come winter. The wool peacoat started out as outerwear for any guy who was in the navy and then for guys who worked on or near the water. Made of heavy wool, it warms and protects you from the elements. The best men’s peacoats have clothed movie and TV heroes and villains alike. They can imbue any man with a touch of rakishness, skullduggery, and traditional style. Other than the trench coat, it’s hard to think of a more classic piece of outerwear for men.

The best men’s peacoats mold themselves into your wardrobe, your personality and your own sense of style. This shopping and style guide will break down everything guys need to know to incorporate this style into their wardrobe. We’ll also share our favorite peacoats for Fall/Winter 2022.

How Much Do Men’s Peacoats Cost?

You can find stylish peacoats on any budget, and because peacoats have such a specific style, the casual observer won’t be able to tell the difference between a $100 peacoat and a designer jacket that cost five times as much. However, more expensive options from Brooks Brothers, Balmain or Polo Ralph Lauren are sure to last for many years, if not decades, to come.

  • You can find budget peacoats in the $90-$200 price range
  • Most stylish men’s peacoats will cost between $200-$500
  • Designer options will cost between $1,000-$5,000

For reference, the photos below include a peacoat in each of these price ranges. If you can’t tell which of these peacoats costs $4,000, then there’s no probably no good reason to spend that much on a new winter coat.

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Personally, we prefer the option on the right, the Schott Melton Wool Blend Peacoat available at Mr Porter for $300. The middle option comes courtesy of Bottega Veneta and will set you back $4,000 at Mr Porter. The option on the left is the most affordable of the bunch. You can purchase this Vince Camuto coat for just $165. Vince Camuto makes great winter coats, although they won’t last beyond one or two winters.

What is a peacoat?

The classic men’s peacoat is always double-breasted with wide lapels. It also has large slash front pockets that are sometimes called handwarmer pockets. Traditional colors are navy blue or black, although charcoal is becoming a popular alternative. Additional sartorial touches include shoulder epaulets, tabbed cuffs and half-belted backs. Most peacoats have anchor etched buttons or other nautical accents. Peacoat models range from sheepskin to cotton and even linen.

The best men’s peacoats have shoulder seams that sit exactly at the edge of your shoulders. If it has a vent in the back, it shouldn’t be split when you wear it — you want to keep your butt warm during windy and cold weather. It should also fit comfortably over a sweater or hoodie. Most importantly, you should feel like a badass when you wear it. The beauty of the best men’s peacoats is that you can wear them with anything from dress trousers to sweatpants and still look your best.

The best men’s peacoats are always in style

James Bond, aka Daniel Craig, wore Billy Reid’s Bond Street Peacoat (we have it) in Skyfall. After the movie was completed, Craig bought one for himself. Johnny Lee Miller wore Tom Ford’s Leather Trim Cotton Pea Coat (discontinued) during his run in Elementary. As CIA analyst on the run, Robert Redford wore a peacoat in Three Days of the Condor, and Bob Dylan, James Dean and fashion designer Giorgio Armani have worn them when they’re out and about.

It’s truly a timeless look, and it’s a piece of outerwear that’s equally stylish and practical in cold weather. Styling peacoats couldn’t be easier because you can wear them with pretty much anything. Wear them over your favorite sweater, button-up or flannel. So long as the color of the peacoat doesn’t clash with your pants, you’re good to go.

Below, you’ll find the most stylish peacoats for men available online.

1. Billy Reid Bond Street Peacoat


Yes, yes, this is the jacket that Daniel Craig wore in Skyfall. And according to Bond Lifestyle, Billy Reid supplied 23 of these peacoats for the movie. Menswear (and now womenswear designer) Billy Reid has received four Council of Fashion Designers of America awards, which is a heck of a lot for a new designer. Based in Florence, Alabama, he combines luxury fabrication and construction with a uniquely American sensibility when it comes to creating clothing. Take this peacoat, made with Italian melton wool and made in a regular fit. For luxe touches, there’s a leather undercollar, calfskin trim, and, as a final, amazing touch, dyed-to-match horn buttons. Who wouldn’t drool over a peacoat like this?

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Billy Reid Bond Street Peacoat


2. L.L. Bean Wool Peacoat


Outdoorspeople, those who will hike, climb, and yes, even go camping in the dead of winter, have long relied on Maine-based L.L. Bean for their goods. For years, their main store was open 24 hours because someone somewhere might need fresh snowshoes at 3 a.m. The brand’s classic wool peacoat comes in a dark navy that’s almost black and is made with 100% Italian wool. The slightly fitted double-breasted jacket is cold rated to minus 25 degrees. The collar is slightly wider than other options, but that just provides extra protection from the wind.

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L.L. Bean Wool Peacoat


3. Schott Melton Wool Blend Peacoat


When checking out the best men’s peacoat lists, this jacket is on every list. Schott’s is known for their exemplary motorcycle jackets; the company made the very first motorcycle jacket back in 1928. When they turned their creativity to peacoats, it was a given that they’d pour their creativity and craftmanship into turning out one of the best men’s peacoats around. For example, their regular fit peacoat is made with 32 oz melton wool and has a heavy quilted lining for extra warmth.  Its buttons are etched with anchors, and there are two large front slash pockets and two chest pockets too.  This peacoat looks so authentic, that when viewing it, you can almost hear the creaking sounds of a wooden pier as the water shifts below it.

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Schott Melton Wool Blend Peacoat


4. Vince Camuto Water Resistant Men’s Peacoats


Vince Camuto’s peacoat will keep you warm and dry. Made from a wool blend, it’s water-resistant (just don’t wear it in a monsoon), and its regular cut gives you room for a hoodie or a sweater. This peacoat has stylish touches like a half-belted back and tabbed cuffs. For super windy or cold days, you can button up the jacket all the way to your chin.

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Vince Camuto Water Resistant Peacoat


5. Amazon Essential Double Breasted Heavyweight Wool Blend Peacoat 


Out of all the smart things that Amazon created, starting its own clothing lines should be on top of that list. They’ve managed to produce stuff that’s neatly balanced between being on-trend and indispensable. Take their peacoat; it’s an updated and modern version of this classic piece of outerwear. Made from a wool blend, this jacket has anchor-etched buttons and wide lapels. This peacoat has two outer and one inner pocket, and a back vent. Try it in navy, black, or charcoal.

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Amazon Essential Double Breasted Heavyweight Wool Peacoat


6. Aether Flatiron Jacket  


Aether’s a relatively new brand in the climbing/hiking rugged gear space. What sets them apart from the rest, is their stuff is not only durable, warm, and practical, but the stuff also looks like it just walked off the runway. When they decided to create a peacoat, they put their creative stamp all over the iconic item. Made with a luxe Italian wool blend, this minimalist take on the peacoat has exposed, raw edge seams that subtly put this peacoat as one of the best men’s peacoats around. It closes with four hidden snaps to keep the coat’s lines clean and modern. The jacket has four pockets and an interior pocket to store important items. Show it off in soft charcoal or eclipse (deep marine blue).

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Aether Flatiron Jacket


7. Marc New York Emmett Wool Peacoat 


Earlier in this article about the best men’s peacoats, we mentioned that Johnny Lee Miller wore the now discontinued Tom Ford peacoat during the run of Elementary. Tom Ford peacoats, like all of this designer’s pieces, are extremely pricey. So, when you can find a quality peacoat that looks like this classic jacket at a great price, you perk up. This Marc New York peacoat is in classic black and uses wool blend fabric. Like the Ford peacoat, this one has zippered front pockets and tonal buttons. For extra protection against the raging winter winds, this peacoat has a leather-trimmed zippered bib.

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Marc New York Emmett Wool Peacoat


8. Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Peacoat


Somewhere back in the stone age, Brooks Brothers acquired the nickname “B Squared” by their clientele. Brooks Brothers prides itself on making menswear that withstands the test of time (and trends). Sure, they’ve flirted with trendy items, but they have never walked too far from their core aesthetic. Reading the reviews, you’ll notice that when this peacoat eventually bites the dust, it’s replaced quickly by the same model. Now that’s a combination of brand loyalty and living in (and loving) a highly crafted peacoat. Made from incredibly soft double-face mouline wool, it has an interior zippered pocket, two large front pockets and engraved woo. The fabric is slightly water-repellant too.

Best of all, it’s marked down more than 50% for fall.

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Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Peacoat


9. Land’s End Charcoal Wool Peacoat


Like staying warm when it’s cold, but not fond of bulky coats? Say “Howdy” to Land’s End peacoat. Made from a wool blend and lined in Primaloft® Silver insulation, you’ll stay toasty warm Land’s End peacoat. It’s styled based on the iconic model, from the wide collar to the etched nautical buttons. Pick it up in navy or charcoal, but we recommend the charcoal.

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Land’s End


10. Reiss Giovanni Wool Blend Peacoat 


UK label Reiss is a favorite among the young Royals for a reason. While the brand is a luxury one, its price points are reasonable. Their wool blend peacoat is refined and modern. The double-breasted jacket with its wide lapels has a streamlined, clean design that goes well with sneakers, Chelsea boots and anything else kicking in your closet.

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Reiss Giovanni Peacoat


11. Balmain Two Collar Double Breasted Coat


A few years ago, Olivier Rousteing became creative director of Balmain, dusted it off, and turned it into an edgy, cool “It” brand for guys and gals. Speaking of edgy and cool, their wool peacoat is next level. It has a double lapel, and the inner lapel is leather. The pockets are also trimmed in leather. Added luxe touches include silver etched buttons emblazoned with the design house’s coat of arms, and are lined in soft, breathable cotton.

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Balmain Two Collar Double Breasted Coat


12. The Gap 1969 Denim Peacoat  


If you live in temperate climes or need an in-between seasons jacket, feast your eyes on this premium denim peacoat from The Gap. It was inspired by archival styles and is made in a dark indigo denim knit. The deep-hued jacket has the classic etched anchor buttons, front slash pockets and a vented hem. This relaxed style could take a sweats and flip flops outfit up a notch or two.

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The Gap 1969 Denim Peacoat


13. Moose Knuckles Calvington Peacoat


Moose Knuckles has been crafting sturdy luxury outwear since the early 2000s. This Canadian-based company understands cold, and they also understand the desire to look on-point even when the temps are in the minuses. Their Calvington peacoat has a removable down hood and attached fooler. It’s like having two looks for the price of one coat. The wool blend peacoat has spacious front pockets, the brand’s logo on one arm and a half-belted back.

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Moose Knuckles Calvington Peacoat


14. BGSD Men’s Classic Wool Blend Pea Coat


If you want a straightforward peacoat that won’t cost you $500, then you’ll want to check out this look from BGSD, courtesy of Amazon. The BGSD men’s peacoat is made from a combination of polyester and wool, with a polyester lining for extra comfort and warmth on chilly nights. This peacoat is available in sizes for big and tall men, too.

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Men’s Classic Wool Blend Pea Coat

$111.99$199.9944% Off

15. Polo Ralph Laren Melton Men’s Wool Peacoats


What can we say? We love everything about this sophisticated men’s peacoat. This Polo Ralph Lauren winter coat has all the classic details you’d expect from a designer peacoat, and it will provide a sophisticated finishing touch for any winter outfit. The wool outer layer will keep you warm and toasty and two shoulder epaulets offer a distinguished accent.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Melton Wool Peacoat