The Work Wardrobe Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

Slip-On Blazer and WHBM® Luna Wide Leg Pant

If you are one of the millions returning to an office then you may be in need of a work wardrobe refresh. While we all miss the comfort of yoga pants, don’t despair, there are some comfortable options out there that will make you happy you’re commuting again (well, maybe not).

Let’s start with pants. Historically, women didn’t really start wearing the pants in the family until during the First World War, when they left home and hearth to work in traditional men’s roles in factories and the like. Then between the wars the dress ruled supreme once again. But during and after the Second World War the love affair between women and their pants became a marriage made in heaven. The 1970’s women’s movement further cemented the relationship. And in our current culture, a woman in a pantsuit isn’t unusual. Although choosing pants over a dress in formal situations can still be considered a fashion scandal.

For us real women, we know how impossible it is to find a great pair of trousers, and if you find a pair you love, buy two, or so the old adage goes. And like their casual cousins, jeans, work pants come in various leg shapes to suit your personal taste, and of course, body shape. But if you’re ready to move outside your fashion comfort zone then it might be time to try a pair of wide leg trousers. This is what we mean by comfort. The relaxed look of a wide-leg silhouette speaks volumes about your approach to business – you’ve got it under control and you’re easy, breezy style says as much. There’s something grown-up about the look too, very lady-like, and yet polished and professional. Fun fact: your wide like trousers will transition to weekend wear just by slipping into a pair of sneakers. Trust us, you’ll love them. Shop our Work Pants here.

WHBM® Luna Wide Leg Pant

Jackets are next up on our list, and the latest look for work is the cropped blazer. Call it a sexy spin on the classic blazer, the shorter length of a cropped jacket showcases your waist, reveals skin (if you’re on the edgier side) or a fitted top, while keeping your dressed-for-success bona fines intact. From classic black to on-trend patterns such as herringbone or tweed, there’s a cropped jacket for everyone. Shop blazers and jackets here.

WHBM® Studio Cropped Blazer

There was a time when foundation garments meant corsets and girdles. Thankfully, technology has advanced fabrics and given designers free rein to create layering pieces that not only smooth and hold, but provide comfortable. Modern pieces that can be worn under a blazer or on their own. Our WHBM® FORME is a collection of buttery-soft layering pieces made from a high-performance fabric that stretches in all four directions, is lightweight and double-layered. Tanks, tees, bodysuits, etc., all translate into essential workwear that you can slip-on in the morning, knowing you’ll be polished perfection all day. Shop WHBM® FORME here.

WHBM® FORME Dual Neck Tank

If you’re more of a dress girl, the good news is that the classic sheath under a blazer is still a thing. Textures like tweed are what’s bringing newness to the look. During fall and winter, pair it with heeled boots and a blazer or a chic leather jacket for a more relaxed look. In summer and spring, a pair of heels or flats can complete the outfit.

Our Smocked Blouse Dress or the Long Sleeve Satin Ruffle Wrap Dress are soft and feminine without losing any professionalism. From high-neck to v-neck dresses, you can find work-appropriate options that suit your workplace and your personal style. Shop Work Dresses here.

Sleeveless Boucle Sheath Dress

Find the perfect work style for you

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to defining your work style. We all have different body shapes, proportions, and personal preferences. The best way to find the right work style is to experiment with different looks until you’ve found silhouettes and pieces you love. Then, you can experiment with different colors, fabrics, and accessories to create a look that is unique to you.

If you’re unsure where to start, White House Black Market is home to versatile, stylish pieces that can be mixed and matched to create endless options. Shop work pants, suiting, and more to find chic work outfits that upgrade your office attire.